Crystal Dwelling

Award winning contemporary design located on Lake Minnetonka. Creating a sophisticated, clean lined home while allowing the exterior “lake life” inside was the clients ultimate desires. Through thoughtful design, massive floor to ceiling windows, and use of natural materials were we able capture this intent and more.
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Noller Residence

A dated 1980s modern received an exterior face lift bring it into the 21st century. By unifying the front entrance and creating symmetry along the roof lines, the exterior facade was transformed. An innovative design approach can take a complex issue and create an elegant solution.
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Yoga Shala

Sometimes a simple concept is all one needs to drive design. With the notion “Memory and Place” we developed a functional structure that took an elegant shape with its Cedar structure and Ipe hardwood flooring.
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The kitchen is the heart of every household especially when it comes to the Palm residence. From non-functional to gourmet, this kitchen remodel changed this family’s relationship with food preparation.
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